About ShineCoffee

  An authentic and local brand from Taiwan, Shine Coffee had a humble start as the baking department specially catered for Global Silk Road Co. Ltd. back in October 2013. After experiencing strong business growth, K.K Den was assigned as the exclusive marketing agent to focus on the development of marketing and branding on May 2016. Shine Coffee was then incorporated on August 2018, which focuses on brand management, marketing and supply of coffee raw materials.

  Coffee is one of the booming businesses worldwide and it gains the reputation of "Black Gold" for its value. According to International Coffee Organization (ICO) back in 2013, Asia has become the most dynamic coffee consumption growth area and every businesses related to coffee throughout the world are trying to ride on this trend.

  Arabica coffee is well accepted in Japan, Taiwan and Korea. It is slowing influencing the consumption habits of coffee lovers in South East Asia, which are mainly based on Robusta Coffee (Instant and Canned Coffee). However, South East Asia with 31% of the world's population and 29% of GDP, only accounting for 16% of the global coffee market. The potential growth is overwhelming. Apart of ASEAN, China will become the next rising star for coffee market.

  With the knowledge and skill required to roast the coffee to its perfection and the brand name of Shine Coffee is well developed, Shine Coffee is optimistic about the growth of into greater Asia markets. Apart of the technical knowledge, Shine Coffee have established a strategic alliance with Dominican Coffee Beans Asia General Agent, Global Silk Road Co. Ltd. to master the Dominican quality (German, US, Japan, EU and Taiwan organic certification) coffee beans stable supply and price advantage. Shine Coffee had attained Halal Certification in Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia to successfully penetrate ASEAN market. Shine Coffee aims to break the borders and become one of the leaders in Asia.

  In the tenth century, French military officer, Gabriel de Clieu experienced a rigorous sailing journey to sneaked one vigorous coffee sapling into Caribbean island. It has expanded into the legendary story of South America becoming the world's largest coffee producer. This legendary story has inspired the team of Shine Coffee from Taiwan to imitate the fearless obsession of traders in the era of sailing. They went far to The Caribbean Island in Dominican Republic in the quest for the legendary original coffee domain.

  "Shine" is named after the black coffee inlaid with a circle of amber gold floating foam. Our brand symbolized the memory of the early coffee trade that sails all over the world and changed the food culture. We aim to continue to discover good coffee that has not yet been developed and deliver to consumers of all over the world.

  Coffee is one of the least processed, simplest and purest drinks. Therefore, we advocate good coffee to be tasted in simplest form and savour the gentle bitterness, the mellow fragrance, and the aftertaste. Sharing good taste and sharing a good time. Coffee is like living; don't forget the original intention, loyal to the original taste.